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Cafe Pocco

Cafe Pocco Barista Hamper

Cafe Pocco Barista Hamper

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A Pocco Hamper packed with our lovely syrups and reusable Pocco pump.

1 x  75cl bottle of Pocco Vanilla, 1 x 25cl bottle of Pocco Caramel, 1 x 25cl bottle of Pocco Hazelnut and 1 10ml reusable Pump.

Packed in a lovely gift box which includes recipes to make coffee shop quality drinks at home.

Vanilla - sugar, water, natural Bourbon vanilla flavour, vanilla extract, vanillin.

Caramel - sugar, water, flavourings, caramel

Hazelnut - sugar, water, natural hazelnut flavouring, vanillin, caramel E150a. 


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Values per 100ml

Energy - 140 KJ

Fat -0g

Carbohydrayes - 87.1g

Of which Sugars -87.1g

Protein - 0g

Salt - 0g

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